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Secrets to Reaching Your Destiny

How to Overcome the 7 Major Challenges in Life

Clarion Rating: 3 out of 5

Kekula effectively outlines seven substantial threats to living a purposeful, faithful life.

Realizing the unique purpose of one’s life is an important discovery, but the process of achieving that purpose can be fraught with obstacles that threaten success. Secrets to Reaching Your Destiny, by Salay H. Kekula, addresses seven hurdles that are likely to get in the way when someone is in pursuit of their vocation.

Each of the seven chapters is prefaced with a relevant Bible verse, and is devoted to one of the major challenges the author discusses: rejection, criticism, isolation, incubation, spiritual decay, barrenness, and fear. Numerous short sections make up each chapter and can be read for a spark of encouragement; however, some sections have headings that do not seem applicable. For example, the section called “Reasons for Era of Dryness” does not explain possible reasons why an individual might be experiencing a period of ineffectiveness. Instead, it maintains that during servitude, Joseph learned to respect his master and others. Beginning the book with a discussion on rejection and criticism makes it stand out, as few books of this kind address these topics as fully as is presented here. The focus of the chapter on criticism wavers briefly when it focuses heavily on parenting rather than on how criticism can interfere with progress and productivity.

Sections often describe a challenge or situation without offering a solution. For instance, the section labeled “Learn to Encourage Yourself in the Lord” describes how easy it is to get angry about a situation, complain, and practice self-pity, but does not suggest ways to get beyond emotions and actually move toward inspiring oneself.

Black-and-white photos of a woman appear throughout the book in an attempt to introduce or supplement the content of each chapter, with varying degrees of success. For instance, in the chapter titled “Criticism,” there is a simple head shot of the woman. The photo preceding the chapter entitled “The Spiritual versus the Natural,” which focuses on the problem of spiritual immaturity and asserts that the spiritual realm must take precedence over the natural one, shows a woman in white standing over her own black-robed image shrinking away.

While passages from different versions of the Bible are used to support claims and illustrate points, the author is also influenced by noteworthy preachers such as Kenneth Copeland and the late Myles Munroe. This book is for those who want to grow in faith but need encouragement when faced with problems like rejection and fear.

Reviewed by Kaavonia Hinton

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