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Scientifically Guaranteed Male Multiple Orgasms and Ultimate Sex

Clarion Rating: 4 out of 5

Natural and herbal remedies have become quite common today. There is St. John’s Wort for mild depression, Ginko Biloba for memory, and Bilberry to improve night vision. Late night television features infomercials spotlighting juicers for “natural” energy boosts and cleansers to release toxins from the system. There are even homeopathic flea relievers for pets.

In Scientifically Guaranteed Male Multiple Orgasms and Ultimate Sex, Ritz uses this natural approach to address issues such as penis enlargement, premature ejaculation, and impotence. As he writes in the Introduction, he is “a scientist who sticks to exact numbers, verifiable scientific data, proven methods and guaranteed results.” He explores what can cause these problems from a natural, scientific viewpoint, describes how each problem occurs and what changes to make in order to fix them.

In terms of penis size, Ritz identifies three basic determinants: the concentration of DHT (di-hydro-testosterone) in the penile tissues, the amount of Acetylcholine and Nitric Oxide in the genitals, and the available blood volume and the output of the cardiovascular system. He then explains the role each plays in determining the size of the penis and what can increase their amounts in the body. In addition, he delves into the associated health risks of too much of any of these.

There is also a section that explores all the available options for penis enlargement, such as weights, pumps, and surgeries. Each is given a fair representation and then is debunked. In terms of surgery, not only does the procedure start around $8,000 but often “there are serious wound infections and penile deformity such as lumpiness and asymmetry.” Ritz notes his methods are both considerably cheaper and safer.

The advice and supplements Ritz suggests here not only work to increase the size of the penis, but can also help decrease premature ejaculation and alleviate impotence. The emphasis is on maintaining a healthy body and, subsequently, a healthy sexual experience.

While scientific in nature, Ritz often uses himself as an example, citing supplements he takes or experiences he has had. In fact, there are some sections such as “A Crucial Discovery I Found during a Vacation in Greece,” and “How I Overcame My Crisis” that gives the reader a sense of not being alone. There is also a useful directory listing the vital substances for sexual and overall health. Included with each entry is an explanation of why it is important, where it is found in nature, and symptoms of its deficiency.

Scientifically Guaranteed Male Multiple Orgasms and Ultimate Sex is not just about increasing the size of the penis and improving sexual performance. Overall it is about maintaining a better balance of vital substances in the body—these increases and improvements are essentially a beneficial outcome.

Reviewed by Gilbert Gilbert

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