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Roberts' Rules of Lesbian Dating

So what’s funny about lesbian dating? Probably nothing, concedes Shelly Roberts, if you’re the one who’s in the middle of it. A combination of sarcasm, satire and tongue-in-cheek wisdom, Roberts’ Rules is a pocket-sized poultice of sanity to be applied directly to the crazed condition. Not sure how much money to loan that hot young thing you just picked up at the bar? Consult page 25. (Answer: No more than she is old…)

The best of these tidbits can make a lesbian veteran smile with bittersweet recognition; the worst are slightly outdated, or a tad obvious. But plenty of good, solid advice can be found in Roberts’ latest volume—the third in her series—for times of trouble in the romance department, whatever your sexual orientation. Who can argue with “In a very small community, it is necessary to be kind, gentle, firm, and clear”? And while love is love, the majority of her quips are strictly for lesbians: “When inviting a lesbian out, it is necessary to use the actual word ‘date’—especially if you want her to know that it is one.” Roberts hits all the bases here—concealed weapons, Internet romance, and the proper place for children and dogs in a budding relationship.

If Shelly Roberts is any indication, lesbians are not just learning how to date, but are learning how to do it with their sense of community and sense of humor intact.

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