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Helping Paw and Tail

Clarion Rating: 4 out of 5

Rabbi-Pyt is an entertaining children’s book with a positive premise.

In Galina Fidler’s inviting children’s picture book Rabbi-Pyt, an unlikely friendship develops between a rabbit and a python. They work together to solve a variety of predicaments and share a common bond over helping others.

When a rabbit walking in the forest mistakes a sleeping python for a fat rubber band, he decorates the coiled creature with colored ribbons, paints him with a happy face, and ties him to a tree. The disgruntled snake screams to life when the rabbit pins him with a sign. Ultimately seeing himself in a mirror, the python appreciates the artistry, and the two characters quickly develop a connection.

Subsequently, they join together and help solve a mystery involving missing spoons at an animal old-age home, rescue an earthworm from being consumed by a woodpecker, and free two song-loving mosquitoes trapped in a set of earphones.

Some chapters are self-contained stories with their own messages, while other stories are spread out over several chapters. The casual, friendly dialogue is geared for young readers but becomes more advanced with the book’s progression. Wording like “trapped in the new generation cages that were designed by humans to hold mosquitoes for entertainment” is hefty and formal for the quirky characters.

Humorous sentiments and actions bring genuine texture to the tale, from a snake who only enjoys supermarket rabbit soup, to a deaf raccoon’s misinterpreted conversations, to a comical flop in cow poop.

Genesis Ray Pelobello’s bright and colorful illustrations lend an endearing charm and convey the essence of the book’s animal menagerie. While some details may be lost on the youngest readers, older audiences and parents will catch the fun visuals at the animals’ home. A near-sighted mole with dark glasses, stooped posture, a cane, suspenders, and a stylish hat is spot on. Several illustrations are shared at chapter openings, though, and give too much away.

Rabbi-Pyt is an entertaining children’s book with a positive premise.

Reviewed by Carol Davala

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