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Book Review

Roadkill abc

by Camille-Yvette Welsch

"Roadkill abc" is humorous and alarming, inspiring questions of what gets left behind—and why. Adair McPherson’s "Roadkill abc" is a decidedly adult picture book, full of carcasses and decay and a great deal of snarky humor. Its... Read More

Book Review

Grandpa, I'm Afraid

by Carol Davala

Through its thoughtful dialogues, Grandpa, I’m Afraid will help chase away all those proverbial monsters from under the bed. In Mart Grams’s imaginative picture book Grandpa, I’m Afraid, a grandfather and his granddaughters explore... Read More

Book Review

Eye Spy

by Pallas Gates McCorquodale

From the compound, pixelated vision of a bee to an eagle’s sharp gaze or a chameleon’s unique dexterity, explore the science of vision in a fun and fascinating look at some of nature’s most unique optics. Compare with human eyes... Read More

Book Review

113 Days

by Melissa Wuske

"113 Days" is a memoir as well as an invitation to grow in understanding what it’s like to live with mental illness. Bradley Good’s memoir of mental illness, "113 Days", falls to rock bottom and then climbs back to health. How did I... Read More

Book Review


by Carol Davala

"Rabbi-Pyt" is an entertaining children’s book with a positive premise. In Galina Fidler’s inviting children’s picture book "Rabbi-Pyt", an unlikely friendship develops between a rabbit and a python. They work together to solve a... Read More

Book Review

Making It Work

by Geraldine Richards

In "Making It Work", the Vietnam era serves as a dynamic backdrop for the story of a young woman’s journey to maturity. "Making It Work" by Kathleen Glassburn follows Sheila Doty as she grows into a self-assured woman. Sheila’s... Read More

Book Review

Wine Runs Deep

by Eva Schegulla

The novel excels in its depiction of wine country and wine production. It’s set out in loving, exciting detail, with ample sensory elements. Patrick Ember’s "Wine Runs Deep" is part heist caper, part romance, and part redemption... Read More

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