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Quantum Consciousness

Journey Through Other Realms

These days, the “veil” between the unseen and seen worlds is becoming thinner. It has to, according to author, researcher, and founder of the Institute for Quantum Consciousness Peter Smith, because its existence is based on a belief in the separateness of the seen and unseen worlds, a concept that he says is no longer supported by science or spirituality.

Designed for those “willing to take the red pill,” Smith’s book heralds this time as an era of awakening for humanity. His assertion is backed up by new ideas and concepts, based on the work of many consciousness explorers and on the results of clinical studies. At the quantum level, the world is not one of cause and effect, he writes, but about “self-creation and a myriad of possibilities.”

Smith touches on topics that include the observer effect, “nonlocality,” entanglement, “and spooky action at a distance,” and applies these topics to the main task of his book: to help people remember that we are part of creation and citizens of the cosmos, and to use this awareness to change our lives.

It’s an exciting time to be alive, Smith asserts, as he paints a dizzyingly beautiful picture of what the world might look like once it has evolved to its full potential. The mathematics of just of how few people would need to embrace the new paradigm for it to blossom are surprising, giving hope that we might make it after all.

To further the cause, he gives antidotes to the myths and fears that keep us enslaved to consumerism, to the medical-pharmaceutical paradigm of wellness, and to corrupt political systems. He also gives encouraging evidence that our small acts of courage can set off a ripple effect leading to significant change.

Reviewed by Kristine Morris

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