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Position To Receive

Clarion Rating: 4 out of 5

There have been so many get-rich-quick schemes and self-help gurus exploiting people in the history of the world making their fortunes off the poor and down-trodden that Jesus Christ is even on record speaking against the parasites when he says “…It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.” (Matthew 19:23-24 and Mark 10:23-35) Position To Receive is the work of a man who tries to put to practice his beliefs and this effort places him in the position of a role model.

Matthews begins his book by attempting to empower the reader: “I think where a lot of people go wrong in life is they haven’t found their gift…. [M]ost people think their purpose is to work and keep on living. That’s not a purpose that’s a function of life.” He goes on and suggests that a true gift is “something that comes natural to you.”

Coming from a family that didn’t have much Matthews says “Like most people one of my motivations was money. Growing up not really having much money played a role in my drive and determination…. I think the biggest motivation was I simply did not want to work for someone else…. Sometimes you can’t be afraid to dream and dream big! Don’t let finances lack of education experience race or anything be an excuse!”

Position to Receive consists of 109 pages divided into twenty chapters with titles like Start-Up Mindset Blessed to Be a Blessing and Make People Rich Building Credit Eliminating Debt and Saving Money. A music business executive artist manager and business consultant Matthews is the founder and CEO of MJM Management Company and many other businesses and profiles. He never let his lack of experience in the publishing industry keep him from writing a book. “Who knows what the future holds… God has already given me the ideas for my next two books. They are going to be called Position To Receive Too and Self-Made… I told you what happens when you change your mindset nothing is impossible!”

An example of his “nothing is impossible” functional inspiration is the following list given to him by his pastor that Matthews uses to help him stay focused: 1. Life is not fair. 2. Life is never a problem and challenge free. 3. You can dress up life its still life! 4. Deal with everyday life or life will deal with you. 5. God never said he would help us escape. 6. Take dominion over yourself. 7. Learn to work under pressure.

Position To Receive provides religious instruction spiritual inspiration and common sense business and financial practices. Readers who are willing to take chances trust in God and work hard in the pursuit of their dreams will find this book particularly appealing and useful.

Reviewed by Lee Gooden

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