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Paid Owned Earned

Maximizing Marketing Returns In A Socially Connected World

“The socially connected marketing landscape is based around behaviors and people. Marketers need to understand the new ways in which the public are communicating, connecting, consuming, and sharing”, explains Nick Burcher. “However, the socially connected world presents a complex picture that is growing and evolving all the time.”

Burcher is Head of Social Media and Digital Innovation at Zenith Optimedia Worldwide, one of the world’s largest multimedia agencies. It is his business to analyze, promote, and help clients make sense of the ever-changing web of worldwide digital, print, and broadcast media plus the ceaseless interpersonal communication that is changing the way we live, learn, consume, and interact. This is happening so fast with the explosion and interplay of the internet, TV, smart phones, apps, IPads, Twitter, Facebook, games, and other emerging devices and media that many of us are overwhelmed by what Alvin Toffler aptly termed “Future Shock” a generation ago.

In a book that seeks to calm and orient change-weary participants, Burcher helps consumers and advertisers understand and manage the phenomena of the social media revolution. As he notes, “Everything is now joined up and nothing can work in isolation. It’s about paid and owned and earned.” Participants in the never-ending connection who read and respond will be in a position to maximize their return, reaping success and remuneration in the global, interconnected marketplace of ideas, goods, and actions.

Reviewed by Pamela Harris Kaiser

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