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Navigating Indieworld

A Beginner's Guide to Self-Publishing and Marketing Your Book

2016 INDIES Finalist
Finalist, Writing (Adult Nonfiction)

Clarion Rating: 5 out of 5

Ample and thoughtful advice will help those considering self-publishing to take the plunge without drowning,

The beginning self-publisher will find useful tips and positive encouragement in Navigating Indieworld by Julie Gerber and Carole Roman.

There are two integral parts to self-publishing, each of significant importance. One is writing and publishing a quality book, and the other is marketing it to the right audience. Gerber, a social media expert, and Roman, a best-selling indie author, are an ideal tag team to discuss both sides of the self-publishing coin in chapters written individually and collectively.

Most aspects of writing, producing, and marketing self-published books are covered in these thirty-three breezy, informally written chapters, complete with “To Do” lists at the end of each. The flow of the book is logical; it moves from idea generation and writing, through the prepublication quality control process and production. Then, importantly, the many aspects of marketing are discussed, including obtaining reviews, setting up online author pages, creating a website, writing press releases, and using social media.

Perhaps one of the most telling pieces of advice the authors share is that self-publishing doesn’t have to mean going it alone. They recommend engaging other professionals, including “beta readers,” editors, and book cover designers to assist in the effort. But even for those who want to take a crack at a solitary publishing effort, Gerber and Roman offer helpful nonjudgmental counsel; they write, for example, that “If you make the decision to format your book, you should know that there are step-by-step tutorials and video classes on the web.”

Navigating Indieworld is comprehensive without being too densely packed with information. As a result, the would-be self-publisher should be able to quickly obtain a solid overview of all of the moving pieces and then decide which they feel comfortable executing independently. The book is not preachy; rather than present one way to do things, the authors offer a range of options. Gerber and Roman share their opinions and experiences openly and honestly, offering guidance in a way that is not heavy-handed.

Some newbie self-publishers may find their heads swimming by the time they reach the final chapter, but the authors are nothing if not reassuring. Every chapter includes helpful tips, sources, and anecdotes borne of battle-tested experience. The unfailingly positive encouragement doled out by Gerber and Roman is supported by a perky, good-humored writing style, all of which will go far in allaying fears and calming anxieties. In addition to the well-written text, the book includes a “directory” at the end that lists useful blogs and websites, as well as vendors for book tours, book trailers, cover design, formatting, and other self-publishing services.

For someone who is ready to consider venturing into the world of self-publishing, Navigating Indieworld should help that prospective book author take the plunge without drowning.

Reviewed by Barry Silverstein

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