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Book Reviews

Naughty Paris

A Ladys Guide to the Sexy City

Naughty Paris: A Ladys Guide to the Sexy City (Fleur de Lire Press, 978-2-9531870-0-7) provided Heather Stimmler-Hall with the opportunity to walk the same streets as Henry Miller, Anaïs Nin, and Catherine Millet seeking out the French capitals sexiest hotels, spas, stylists, clothing and lingerie shops, cabaret and striptease shows, bars, restaurants, and decidedly more risqué fetish clubs. More than a few travelers are chagrined to discover the sheer breadth and cultural sophistication of this ancient city, and Paris nightlife is especially difficult to comprehend. Without touting “anything nasty, seedy, illegal or disrespectful,” Stimmler-Hall seeks to help women “awaken your inner femme fatale.”

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