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Mood Magick

Wellness Spells and Rituals to Find Balance in an Uncertain World

Ora North’s Mood Magick introduces easy, evocative exercises and spells for dealing with the stress and anxiety of modern life.

Defining witches as those who work with the energies of nature to create change, this book discusses mental health in brief before its introduction to the four elements: fire, water, earth, and air. This work is a strong foundation for the rest of the book, which starts with lessons on grounding (the process of connecting one’s personal energy to the energy of the earth) and setting intentions (focusing on personal needs, rather than outside expectations). The book’s specific activities, like visualizing red light coming up through the root chakra and white light coming down through the crown chakra to meet at the heart chakra and create a soft pink glow, are easy to follow and effective.

Much of the text is filled with guidance and activities for becoming familiar with each of the four elements. The activities consist most of visualizations to discover one’s positive and negative personal associations with the elements: being near a flowing river may be soothing, while a thunderstorm may trigger fearful memories. Learning to understand such associations is an important step in working with the elements to balance and influence one’s moods.

The book’s spells for peace and healing, for creating stability and safety, and for finding inspiration and passion are also placed within easy reach—though they are not designed to create instant results: instead, they are about changing one’s behaviors through self-awareness and repeated practice. Finally, instructions for writing one’s own spells are given; they lay out all the information needed for practitioners to create their personalized magick.

The useful spells and rituals of Mood Magick are designed to help people improve their overall mental health.

Reviewed by Catherine Thureson

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