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Mind Leap

Intimate Changes and Communication Between Worlds, Updated Readers Edition

Clarion Rating: 4 out of 5

Traditional religions tend to limit our contact with the spiritual world to deities and saints, except in the cases of prayers for loved ones who have died. For those who believe in an afterlife, custom dictates a hierarchy among souls that prohibits involvement with unfamiliar entities, much like children are forbidden from talking to strangers for their own safety. The intelligent have long resented this dated restriction, however, and New Age mysticism has gradually emerged and gained acceptance. Within this thriving genre of psychic expression are genuine healers and serious mediums.

Mind Leap is a sincere record of one man’s paranormal experiences in the 1970s and early 1980s, with references to his highly symbolic dreams from as far back as the 1950s. Steeped in the psychology of Carl Jung, this analytical approach toward self-awareness has a firm basis in science, but Letts veers into far-reaching explanations for his encounters with wise entities from the spiritual realm, such as a gentle soul named Moita channeled by his co-author, Siofra Bradigan. These enlightening communications are interspersed with out-of-body incidents referred to as “astral projection.” The validity of traveling to other places and times by utilizing the power of one’s mind remains a matter of debate. Past life regression (or reincarnation) is accepted by believers as an explanation for the “memory” that emerges during some of these induced trances. Heightened acuity is said to allow buried emotions to surface where they can be dealt with in the present.

Letts presents a fascinating journal of his darkest and brightest moments along with a reader’s guide and appendices that contain dated chronologies of dreams and communications. From the disturbing to the uplifting, this esoteric book is packed full of astonishing descriptions and mysterious details. Early in his story, Letts refers to the use of LSD, a drug that is known to elicit altered states of being as well as bizarre flashbacks long after it has been ingested. Unfortunately, substance-induced high awareness detracts from the credibility of his work, making the reader wonder which experiences were legitimate and which were delayed manifestations of LSD. This doubt casts a negative shadow on the work.

The author received his master’s degree from the University of Saskatchewan (Regina), with a holistic–existential critique of conventional psychology, and did doctoral research on lucid dreams. He’s taught and conducted workshops throughout western Canada.

Mind Leap, the first book in a proposed series, will be followed by The World Conspires and To Help Found a New World. For those who enjoy the pursuit of different realities, Letts will not disappoint. “Conformity” is not in this attention-grabbing author’s vocabulary. His work educates and entertains, focusing on the extraordinary capabilities of the human spirit.

Reviewed by Julia Ann Charpentier

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