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Magickal Astrology

Understanding Your Place in the Cosmos

Witches’ spell-casting often requires timing to make spells more effective, for instance, planting the seeds for a new endeavor during the waxing moon on a Thursday or a Friday; however, true magick also requires a full engagement of the senses.

In Magickal Astrology, Alexander, astrologer and author of Planets in Signs, shows the reader how to use cosmic forces to make magick work. The reader is taken on a sensual journey, from creating a magickal garden, planting alfalfa, lavender, and parsley to encourage prosperity; through aromatherapy; to the creation of personal “sigils,” elaborate symbols of beauty and power associated with the signs and planets, and used in magickal spells. Further, the fabrics, flowers, musical tones, metals, and colors of astrological signs are included and readers can incorporate these into their spells.

The spells the author lays out are lyrical and yet simple. For example, a talisman for luck involves cutting three pieces of ribbon during a waxing moon and writing affirmations on the ribbons. The spell-caster could write “I want to get a better job.” Once the affirmations are written and spoken, the ribbons are braided and placed in a spot where they can be seen each day.

The author states, “Astrology and magick are links between universal forces and earthly experience. Like myth, meditation, and art, they provide windows through which we can glimpse the Divine and see its hand shaping the manifest world.” In Magickal Astrology the reader will find both the basics of spell-casting and the rich texture of astrological correspondences to create his or her window on the forces of magick.

Reviewed by Carol Lynn Stewart

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