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Keep Him Coming Home with Love

The Warmth of Your Home Determines the Temperature of Your Relationship

Clarion Rating: 3 out of 5

Genuine and genial, Keep Him Coming Home with Love is a no-nonsense guide to making a house a home.

Shenitha Finesse Anniece Burton’s sensible guide for creating comfortable, romantic, and intentional home decorations that have a positive influence on relationships, Keep Him Coming Home with Love, is the second book in a series; it outlines ways to increase the warmth of a home in order to turn up the heat in a marriage.

The book uses the acronym “LOVE” to discuss the principles of better expressing love through home design. Its four sections are each represented by one of the letters, and include: living room décor, observing serenity, valuing relationships, and evening tones with a splash of color. These principles are designed to be adapted to homes of all sizes, with the idea that many couples upgrade their spaces over the course of their relationships, add children to the mix, and expand their households.

Each room in a home needs its own purpose, Burton argues, from the entrance, which should be welcoming, to the kitchen, which should make mouths water. The book suggests designating rooms for prayer, fun, family meetings, education, and even disagreements. Using an eclectic array of entertaining anecdotes, the book suggests ways to “set the stage” for the events of the relationship. From this perspective: having nowhere to fight means that conflicts will spill into other spaces, literally and figuratively.

Throughout, this short book emphasizes making a home that generates serenity, security, and beauty. Burton shares her own stories from her long marriage, including of raising four daughters, working full time, and of managing secondary businesses. In spite of these commitments, she says, she still managed to make her home a castle that represents the stewardship that keeps families together.

In the end, though, Burton’s book is most based on personal experience. Its singular stories take up the majority of the book, which is absent practical exercises for others who hope to imitate her program. Although it is inspiring, the book’s examples are aspirational, rather than practical.

The guide includes as much straight talk as it does home decor suggestions. Marriage, it suggests, is not for the faint of heart; nor is lifelong happiness something that can be invoked just by wishing or praying. Still, the book’s friendly, inviting language suggests that anyone can have the same level of domestic bliss that Burton describes, if effort is applied.

Genuine and genial, Keep Him Coming Home with Love is a no-nonsense guide to making a house a home that grows with a marriage.

Reviewed by Claire Foster

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