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Journey to My Master Teacher

A Collection of Stories by Students of Ramtha's School of Enlightenment

Clarion Rating: 3 out of 5

“I have set up this school…a super school set apart from the madness of the marketplace,” Ramtha says.

For the uninitiated, Ramtha is a male spirit form who is channeled through the female physical form of JZ Knight. While in JZ’s body, Ramtha offers teachings and insights on the basic philosophical questions of what it means to be human. Much of this teaching takes place at Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment (RSE), located in Yelm, Washington.

The book is a collection of stories from thirty-two men and women from all over the world, ranging in ages from twenty-one to seventy, who at some point in their lives discovered the teachings of Ramtha. Not satisfied with simply reading books about his teachings or attending a local event, the students decided to attend RSE. For many, this meant leaving family and friends as well as jobs and careers to move across the country or halfway around the world. Most of the stories are condensed memoirs which explain what led them to such a momentous decision.

For most people, making a major life change in order to be taught by a channeled Master Teacher would seem irresponsible or even crazy, but many of the students who contributed to the book have reputations and life experiences that argue otherwise.

Dr. Renee Webb, who compiled the book, is a former government minister of Bermuda. The other storytellers come from all income and education brackets. Contributor Bettye Johnson is an award-winning author, and Dr. Robert P. Beckford is a chiropractor from Jamaica.

A common thread among the stories is a search in the midst of challenges, especially personal and family ones, for someone or something to help the individual understand their identity and purpose. As Fabricio Loconte from Argentina says, “This is a ‘one-way ticket trip’ for me. To have known Ramtha meant everything for me and today I have many things to solve, but I’m certain of one thing: I love his teachings and I’ll follow them forever.”

This is not a book for someone new to Ramtha and his teachings; with the exception of a short excerpt from Ramtha’s “The Initiate’s Journey to the Master Teacher,” there is no explanation of who he is or how he is channeled through JZ Knight. And while many of the stories mention the beginner’s retreats, the structure of the school and the community that surrounds and supports it is not described.

Readers who are already familiar with Ramtha and his teachings and are considering journeying further on this particular path to spiritual enlightenment will appreciate the stories in this book.

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