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Internship Mastery

The Technology Student's Guide to Crushing Your Internship and Launching Your Career

Clarion Rating: 3 out of 5

Internship Mastery contains useful, friendly guidance applicable toward obtaining an internship, new job, promotion, or career change in the technology industry.

Ryan D. Glick’s upbeat career guidebook Internship Mastery contains advice for college students who are seeking internships in the technology industry.

Drawn from years of experience, this brief volume is packed with helpful tips aimed at obtaining and keeping the perfect internship. Its particular focus is on interning in the tech industry, and it is organized to concentrate on tips for before, during, and after internship placements, with a strategically designed overview of the entire internship process included.

Part memoir and part self-help reference, the book’s advice for maximizing an internship is both practical and applicable. It recommends adopting a daily morning routine and working with mentors and includes useful interviewing tips like scout the route, dress appropriately, practice, and send a thank you note. However, its stories about using the power of the mind to succeed don’t ring as true, and it contains some generic advice, too, like “nobody will do the work for you” and “don’t have a victim mentality.” Its upbeat tone sometimes sounds forced; it has a hint of magical thinking.

The parts of the book flow well together; they follow a logical sequence of finding, keeping, and leaving an internship. Their chapters are friendly, conversational, and concise. Bullet-point chapter summaries guide the audience to their next action steps, while a bonus section contains direct, applicable suggestions, such as to find a niche at the start of one’s career and to go “deep” and become an expert in one area.

The book suggests reflecting on one’s experiences and embracing self-improvement through journaling, and it admonishes interns who may be using credit cards. An encouragement to apply “the power of the mind” suggests that creating a desirable internship requires the appropriate application of mental power.

While it summarizes the tasks of job hunting well, most of the book’s suggestions are reiterations of familiar tips, as with its guidance on dressing appropriately for an interview. Its tips on money management, time management, and goal setting are helpful, but are also basic reminders for those looking to find and keep a job.

Helpful for those entering or exploring the job market, Internship Mastery forwards friendly guidance for obtaining an internship, a new job, a promotion, or a career change in the technology industry.

Reviewed by Carol Booton

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