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A World Without Identity

The Sacred Task of Uniting Humanity

Clarion Rating: 3 out of 5

The spiritual guide A World Without Identity conveys practical advice for widespread troubles.

Patrick Paul Garlinger’s mystical book A World Without Identity is presented as a transcribed divine message of oneness given to aid a wavering collective conscious.

Arguing that “our society’s structures and systems are a reflection of our mind’s collective belief that we are separate from each other,” the book suggests an eternal message: each person is a seed of light who has the power to engage the collective conscious and with the potential for Christ Consciousness, presented as individual love and compassion.

Most of the book is given to addressing the social problems in which separation from that consciousness seems pronounced, including corruption in politics, democratic representation, mass incarceration, corporate wrongdoing, and abortion. The book’s final third is a guide for applying the book’s message of unconditional acceptance and openness, given with the belief that the collective conscious has the power to change circumstances.

That the book is presented as a channeled, and not original, work affects its message. Its introduction is an exercise in letting the speakers reveal themselves on their own terms; Garlinger is present as someone who inserts his questions to the light beings. His exchanges with them make up the only dialogue in the text.

The light beings’ theory about America’s problems arising out of individualism is common. They address the audience directly and argue for their own authority using keen observations. Their advised changes are direct and life-affirming: to always begin from a position of love, instead of reacting in hatred. The book dreams of a world that’s full of Christ Consciousness; it asserts that this world is coming into being all the time. Questions and phrases that can be repeated like mantras are given as helpful takeaways from this open-ended work.

The book’s language is easy to follow, though some of its concepts are distinctive and require more definition. Ideas about the collective consciousness, Christ Consciousness, identity, and alignment repeat; they make more sense as they’re employed in multiple contexts throughout.

The book’s chapters are short and designed for consuming with reflection breaks between them. Despite the urgency of the book’s message, its tone is calm and confident. It imparts assurances that change is happening, and will continue to happen; the light beings’ time, it claims, is not the same as human time.

Confronting contemporary American issues with wisdom, the spiritual guide A World Without Identity conveys practical advice for widespread troubles.

Reviewed by Mari Carlson

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