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The Kate and Robert Chronicles

Clarion Rating: 4 out of 5

The enrapturing pace and wanton creativity of Suzanne Eglington’s sultry Inceptions will certainly secure a hungry readership.

Kate Quinn is tired of being a good girl. In Suzanne Eglington’s Inceptions, a cheating boyfriend leads to a total personal reinvention, including the unleashing of a young woman’s sexual prowess. This is a steamy and able entry into contemporary erotica.

Hospice nurse Kate Quinn does everything by the book: she is loyal to her boyfriend of seven years; she always lets her parents know if she’s going to be late coming home. But straitlaced has left her in dire straits, and when she finds out that her supposed love has been cheating, she decides to let loose. An impossibly sexy police officer is waiting in the wings to help her do just that. With “bad, bad kitty” Robert at her side, nubile Kate goes from scrubs to sex kittened up in less time than it takes to flip a calender page.

The selling point of this introduction to Kate and Robert’s escapades is that its erotic portions are frequent and unabashed, besting many other titles in the genre in their volume and descriptiveness. Kate is not a shy narrator, if she is sometimes a silly one, prone to irrational jealousy and not entirely scientific concerns about the effectiveness of her birth control against her active libido. Such moments can likely be chalked up to the charm of her youth; Robert, only her second boyfriend, certainly introduces her to much. Her willingness to explore with very little hand-wringing sets her apart from her contemporaries in the genre.

In genre form, some narrative twists are usefully exaggerated; it is not enough that Robert is an impossibly sexy cop—he’s also wealthy from his days as an exotic dancer. It’s not enough that Kate has found someone who can match her desires, breath for breath; he must also be her soulmate, and they must seal the deal quickly. Such revelations make for delighting and consumable, if pulpy, reading. Less tempting is the couple’s quick, almost callous, ability to move on from Kate’s ex-boyfriend’s violent death. Though there’s talk of PTSD, and even a trip to the psychologist, the couple is able to return to hungry cavorting in short order. Surprising also is Kate’s quick ability to put her beloved patient’s needs behind her, once her own more carnal needs are being met.

Still, if misgivings related to Robert’s barely restrained violence can be pushed aside, and the speed of their nuptials accepted without too much consternation, the enrapturing pace and wanton creativity of Suzanne Eglington’s sultry Inceptions will certainly secure a hungry readership for Robert and Kate’s coming erotic adventures.

Reviewed by Michelle Anne Schingler

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