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How to Cheat Like a Man

A How-To-Guide for Women Who Want to Stray, Play and Get Away with It

Clarion Rating: 4 out of 5

In How to Cheat Like a Man, author Paulo Rossi writes: “Cheating is an act, a goal—and getting away with it is an achievement that requires detailed planning if you are a woman already involved in a relationship.” Rossi claims that what he calls “The 9 Golden Rules” must be followed if a woman “wants to cheat on her companion but is also determined to save her marriage or relationship at any cost.”

Rossi’s work as an aerospace project engineer is evident in the succinct presentation of his rules. He explains one rule per chapter, and each chapter includes precise, detailed steps designed to organize the details of a woman’s life. He posits that if she follows his advice, she will be able to cheat successfully while keeping her relationship and reputation intact. At times Rossi is motivational, as when he instructs readers in how to create short-term goals, stay focused, and follow through with plans.

The author’s frankness and no-holds-barred writing can be refreshing at times, but it may prove offensive to some readers. He comments, for example, that “Despite what we see on sitcoms, women actually enjoy sex (that’s why they become wives and how they become mothers).”

Rossi uses humor to maintain an informal, personal tone, and—as one might expect in a book titled How to Cheat Like a Man—there are many sexual innuendos and puns, such as “in and out” or “coming up short.” The frequency of the author’s graphic humor and expressions can become tiresome, though, by the time he writes that men “will continue to bang their babysitters.” In another instance, he writes: “When you repeatedly perform tasks that you don’t want to do, you overcome your subconscious resistance to doing them, and they become more like second nature—think of boot camp training, waking up for work, or giving your SO (significant other) OS (oral sex).”

While Rossi’s plan of action in How to Cheat Like a Man may be well thought out on a few levels, his philosophy that cheating is wrong only if you get caught is a tough sell.

Reviewed by Maya Fleischmann

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