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Great Sex Made Simple

Tantric Tips to Deepen Intimacy and Heighten Pleasure

2012 INDIES Winner
Silver, Self-Help (Adult Nonfiction)
2012 INDIES Finalist
Finalist, Family & Relationships (Adult Nonfiction)

What is truly great sex and how can it be attained? That’s the question partners Mark A. Michaels and Patricia Johnson try to answer in Great Sex Made Simple. Offering tantric tips to deepen intimacy and heighten pleasure, the authors call for a certain degree of open-mindedness on the part of their readers. Before perusing its pages, prepare to experiment and deviate from your regular sexual routine if you want to reap the benefits they promise. That could mean such potential novelties as kissing for ten minutes solid, exchanging breath, sucking on each other’s lips, or chanting “om” together.

Michaels and Johnson write bluntly about the joy of good sex and go to great lengths to make their chapters easily comprehensible to readers. For example, in introducing a chapter on engaging all the senses in lovemaking, they preface their information with this: “The best sex usually engages all of the senses but there is nothing wrong with those quickies that only involve one or two. We certainly enjoy them.”

They spend time introducing each of the erogenous zones, discussing how to engage your partner’s primal sense (by nuzzling into your lover’s armpit, for example, massaging the Achilles tendon, or fondling the inside of his or her elbow). The writers also use helpful diagrams to indicate precisely where they are referring to when they discuss the G-spot, for example, and explain how to make oral sex more meaningful and erotic. On occasion their writing delves a little deeper into tantric dialect. Of oral sex, for example, they propose that “you are physically attached to a living altar.”

Readers interested in exploring new positions will enjoy a series of chapters that describe positions known as yab yum and kali asana, each one explained and carefully described.

Each chapter is characterized by the authors’ easy-to-understand writing style, willingness to explain the details, and entirely nonjudgmental attitude towards sex. As a result, Great Sex will be a useful resource for individuals seeking to enrich their sexual experiences and open their minds to new possibilities of intimacy.

Reviewed by Lauren Kramer

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