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Glass Shatters

Can you trust your own memories? When Charles Lang wakes up in a house he doesn’t recognize, with no idea who he is or where he came from, he must rely on the clues around him to piece together his life. What he discovers is shocking: his wife and daughter disappeared under mysterious circumstances years ago, and if he wishes to get them back, he must follow the clues of the mystery to their riveting end.

A brilliant scientist, Charles Lang is a tortured and sharp man on a focused mission to not just rediscover his family, but himself. The secrets that Charles uncovers range from the mundane to the alarming, and as he presses forward, the self that is revealed is wholly different than he could have imagined. And yet, this new Charles Lang is one constructed solely of pieced-together memories and knowledge given to him by neighbors and others—and is that version more trustworthy than his own thoughts?

Michelle Meyers is a unique talent, weaving together older memories and present impressions into a reality that is sometimes fleeting but always complicated. Glass Shatters asks the question, how much of Charles Lang can we trust? With gothic undertones and lyrical prose, Glass Shatters is a must read for anyone interested in the unreliability of narrative, the construction of the self, and the way that memories can sometimes haunt.

Reviewed by Stephanie Bucklin

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