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Book Review

Una storia d'amore!

by Katerie Prior

Italy has been called a dream that keeps returning; Wallis’s photographs make you never want to wake. In his photo travel book, Una storia d’amore, author and photographer Terence Wallis captures the aesthetically stunning road less... Read More

Book Review

The Journal

by Pallas Gates McCorquodale

In this philosophical mystery that exposes life’s hidden beauties and corruption, Ethan travels from London to Cambodia in a desperate attempt to locate his free-spirited sister, Charlotte, who has disappeared. He is unprepared for the... Read More

Book Review

Further Travels in My Eighties

by Melissa Wuske

Further Travels in my Eighties is an octogenarian’s documentation of seeing the world, sure to be both a treat and a challenge to travelers young and old. "Further Travels in My Eighties" by Dermot Hope-Simpson captures trips to some... Read More

Book Review

Big Yellow ТakcИ

by Susan Waggoner

Big Yellow TakcИ is enlightening and thoroughly entertaining, a travel book that makes you want to follow suit. Jaded tourists, weary business travelers, and armchair adventurers who think they’ve read it all, rejoice: Michael... Read More

Book Review

Secret New Orleans

by Matt Sutherland

Oh, the world is an interesting place—so much to see, to learn about, to take pleasure in. But, consider for a moment how a place earns its status as a tourist destination. Why did ABC historic village get listed in the travel books... Read More

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