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Book Review

Progressive Steps

by Barry Silverstein

Storytelling is a strategy that has become standard practice in business books. Increasingly, authors write about leadership, management, employee motivation, or other seemingly dry business topics by telling a story. The most successful... Read More

Book Review

Picasso on a Schedule

by Emily Adams

When IT management is examined through the lenses of technology, business, and art, great things can be produced. So claim Stephen Wiggins and Kenneth Abernethy in Picasso on a Schedule: The Art and Science of Managing IT. "Picasso on a... Read More

Book Review

Nuclear Silk Road

by Mark G. McLaughlin

It takes an odd sort of courage to state that the tragic Chernobyl accident of 1986 “turned out to be a blessing for Korea.” But that is what nuclear engineer and author Dr. Kim Byung-koo does in this book about his country’s rise... Read More

Book Review

Breakthrough Power

by Dereck Cram

As the late Jewish-Polish aphorist Stanislav Lec once said: “It’s true that we’re on the wrong track, but we’re compensating for that shortfall by accelerating.” Journalist Jeane Manning and industrial scientist Joel Garbon are... Read More

Book Review

Upgrade to Free

by Barry Silverstein

With all the advances in Internet technology, it’s virtually impossible to take advantage of everything that’s available online, particularly free tools and applications. That’s why a book like Upgrade to FREE is so useful. Beth... Read More

Book Review

Just a Bunch of Crazy Ideas

by Patty Sutherland

Pardu S. Ponnapalli, an IT specialist with a doctorate in physics, has devised ingenious and potentially world-changing ways to improve such things as dishwashers, the next Star Trek movie, laptops, and cat-litter disposal, to name a few... Read More

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