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Book Review

The Wilds of Poetry

by Matt Sutherland

All the world’s Jews, Christians, Muslims, Hindus—they’re peas in a faith-based pod. But Buddhists don’t belong in there. No, the Buddhist gig is more about waking up to what’s real, realization of how the universe really... Read More

Book Review

Southern Son

by Margaret Fedder

The gift of "Southern Son" is Evans’s willingness to write within the space where life meets death. "Southern Son" by William Edmund Evans features two books of poetry, both written in the aftermath of the suicide of the poet’s son,... Read More

Book Review

In Cadence

by Lillian Brown

Pattan and Brender have created a thoughtful, dynamic collection of poetry. In C. Rodney Pattan and Lance B. Brender’s poetry collection, "In Cadence", the authors work to draw back the curtain of expectations surrounding a soldier’s... Read More

Book Review

Ode to My Autumn

by Philip J. Kowalski

"Ode to My Autumn" contains dexterous, challenging, clever poems that are simply a joy to read. Victor Altshul’s "Ode to My Autumn" is a collection of traditional poems with a great contemporary American poetic twist. The most... Read More

Book Review

Thoughts in Writing

by Joseph S. Pete

"Thoughts in Writing" collects raw, exuberant poetry that speaks to the human condition with sincerity. Apphia Patten’s "Thoughts in Writing" is a searching collection of poetry that plumbs the author’s ideas about life, love,... Read More

Book Review

Black Book of Poems

by Robert Foreman

Hunanyan’s is a collection of straightforward poems with threads of religiosity. Vincent K. Hunanyan’s "Black Book of Poems" covers topics of love, devotion, family challenges, and loss, all in a brief space. The collection is... Read More

Book Review

Poetry the Mind is a Maze

by Sara Budzik

This poetry collection is a life-soaked, terrifying journey into a troubled man’s world. Tshekedi Wallace’s "Poetry the Mind is a Maze" is a brief volume of honest reflections that seems to occupy a spiritual space between lost... Read More

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