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Book Review

Hope Is a Decision

by Joseph S. Pete

Ikeda has much to say about the human condition, and he does so artfully and with great understanding. Daisaku Ikeda’s Hope is a Decision gives a broad and insightful overview into the thinking of the acclaimed Buddhist religious... Read More

Book Review

The Stuff of Life

by Robert Foreman

Philosophical and inspirational, these essays wind toward grand ideas. In his collection of essays, "The Stuff of Life", Asif Zaidi takes on a series of often grand subjects and makes them relevant to the lives people lead, distilling... Read More

Book Review

Immigration Essays

by Karen Ackland

These are thought-provoking meditations on family, immigration, and the American dream. In "Immigration Essays", Sybil Baker provides a provocative, open-hearted investigation into the ways that people leave home, and the reasons why.... Read More

Book Review

Why Debate

by Joe Taylor

This collection of essays belong in the hands of all those looking to persuade a thinking public. Shawn Briscoe’s collection of essays "Why Debate" is a compelling argument for the inclusion of debate and forensics programs in American... Read More

Book Review

Everything We Don't Know

by Karen Rigby

Essays explore isolation, weaving together the intangible and material touchstones of life periods with remarkable ease. Essayist and journalist Aaron Gilbreath excavates memories from his young adulthood through his early thirties in... Read More

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