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Book Review

No Planet B

by Rachel Jagareski

If you haven’t read Teen Vogue lately, you might be surprised to learn that pieces about climate change are among its fashion and pop culture pages. Editor Lucy Diavolo collects thirty-one of these impassioned articles and interviews... Read More

Book Review

Cold Moon

by Matt Sutherland

Every author launches their book into the world with a prayer. Please, powers that be, let this humble collection of words make teenaged girls laugh uncontrollably, or provoke men to schedule a prostate exam, as the case may be. Some... Read More

Book Review


by Rebecca Hussey

The French word “terroir” refers to the whole environment in which something is grown, and Natasha Sajé’s essay collection Terroir: Love, Out of Place applies this term to her life, examining the context in which her identity was... Read More

Book Review

Always a Guest

by Jeremiah Rood

By turns funny, heartbreaking, and inspiring, Barbara Brown Taylor’s sermon collection "Always a Guest" delights in the possibilities of God and faith. Made up of sermons that Taylor delivered while guest preaching during important... Read More

Book Review

The Nature of Desert Nature

by Kristine Morris

Some consider deserts vast expanses of barren wasteland; a politician once called them “kitty litter.” If anything can transform such opinions toward respect and appreciation, this multicultural collection of essays by desert-loving... Read More

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