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Book Review


by Karen Rigby

After high school, life isn’t one-size-fits-all. Morgan provides an unbiased guide for young adults to discern the path best for them. At a time when many parents and students believe that four-year colleges are the best option after... Read More

Book Review

The Gap

by Melissa Wuske

James’s relevant and useful research on women in leadership roles is thoroughly supported. The Gap: A Scholarly Perspective of Executive Women, by Wendy James, is a detailed research study that examines how women experience the... Read More

Book Review

People Tools

by Barry Silverstein

These little gems form the basis of a sensible, realistic view of the world from a successful real estate CEO. The premise of real estate CEO Alan Fox’s book, People Tools, is not complicated: it is a compilation of behavioral... Read More

Book Review

God's Career Guide

by Lisa Bower

Accessible and inspiring, Layhee’s advice helps Christians find success and happiness both in and out of the office. Most people don’t think about the intersection between work and faith. Patrick Layhee’s God’s Career Guide helps... Read More

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