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Book Review

Beckham 101

by Claire Foster

This erotica reads like a naughty tell-all, written to be shared over a few rounds of cocktails with the girls. The third book in Suzanne Eglington’s Kate And Robert Chronicles, "Beckham 101" is a breathless, racy romance that pushes... Read More

Book Review

Goddess of Ivy

by Barbara Nickles

This is a heart-pumping, breathtaking trilogy filled with emotional and sexual tension. Fans of explicit erotica get the whole package in Carol Madison’s "Goddess of Ivy" trilogy. No romp or position goes unexplored in this epic,... Read More

Book Review


by Claire Foster

Intense and artfully self-centered, this novel wraps around itself in search of release, after which the pleasure is over all too soon. Jonathan Harnisch’s "Pastiche" is an exhaustive and frequently painful catalog of the struggles of... Read More

Book Review

You and I

by Vernieda Vergara

Eglington spins a classic wish-fulfillment erotic fantasy, an escapist interlude where alpha males can sweep willing women off their feet. In You and I: The Kate and Robert Chronicles, Suzanne Eglington continues the story of two lovers... Read More

Book Review


by Michelle Anne Schingler

The enrapturing pace and wanton creativity of Suzanne Eglington’s sultry "Inceptions" will certainly secure a hungry readership. Kate Quinn is tired of being a good girl. In Suzanne Eglington’s "Inceptions", a cheating boyfriend... Read More

Book Review

Rising from the Ashes

by Lynn Evarts

A young woman finds love and possible redemption in this novel about survival and recovery. Marchela Wells’s "Rising from the Ashes" is a romance with elements of a classical thriller that relates the tragedies of a young woman’s... Read More

Book Review

Glad You're Not Me

by Scott Neuffer

This provocative new work from a writer who revels in exploring the darker sides of the mind creates an unforgettable experience. In his latest work, Glad You’re Not Me, controversial writer Jonathan Harnisch follows his most primal... Read More

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