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From Fear to Peace

Clarion Rating: 3 out of 5

From Fear to Peace is a succinct, organized self-help book concerned with overcoming negative attitudes.

Alexia Franklin’s brief, inspiring self-help guide From Fear to Peace forwards applicable steps toward overcoming fear, moving forward, and achieving peace.

After moving from the country into town, Franklin’s health began to deteriorate. Her vibrant social life started to shrink; she felt too fatigued to communicate with her friends. She also gave up on her cleaning business. Despite multiple trips to the doctor, no solution was offered, and her health issues persisted. To add to these troubles, she was scammed out of all of her money.

Franklin details how she was able to move forward from those challenges in her personalized self-help work, which continually draws upon her own experiences and personal process of healing. Franklin is open about her devastation after the scam and her fear that resulted from losing all her money; each chapter ties into these experiences while also exposing additional challenges, making its promises seem achievable.

Imparting useful information on attaining self-love, changing perspectives, and letting go of the past, the book is organized as a series of straightforward steps to self-betterment. Chapters are concise and their internal sections are brief, outlining their main messages and providing succinct explanations of them.

The short book often avoids details in favor of simplified message. Its compact lists include actionable suggestions for achieving happiness and positive phrases to keep in mind. In a chapter about easy ways to start the day, five suggestions are listed, including taking a five-minute meditation and repeating self-affirming phrases. In regards to taking charge, it discusses transforming negative thought patterns into positive ones, and shares negative words that result in negative thinking, with suggestions for positive counterpoints. Positive terms are discussed on an individual basis, too.

Regarding decisiveness, the work analyzes a situation in which a person is hesitant to make everyday decisions, such as whether or not to go shopping. It then gives an alternative approach to counter indecisiveness, in which the person makes clear statements about what they plan to do.

Clip art face sketches and scenic landscape photographs make the pages colorful, but most are superfluous to the book’s topics. Questions for reflection draw attention to areas that might require change, emphasizing the book’s aim is to help its audience lead a more peaceful life. Reassuring assertions—such as that change is a process but, through intentionality, that it can be achieved; and that following one’s dreams and achieving goals, even after experiencing loss, is important—contribute to the book’s encouraging tone.

From Fear to Peace is a succinct, organized self-help book concerned with overcoming negative attitudes.

Reviewed by Edith Wairimu

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