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Family Moments

From the authors of Love Life for Parents: How to Have Kids and a Sex Life Too (1998) comes another parenting book of common sense ideas. Organized into short day-of-the-month readings, each day focuses on a different aspect of raising kids one can be proud of: teaching responsibility and moral values; listening attentively and giving encouragement; getting to know them by turning off the TV and sharing laughter, mini-vacations and the unexpected.

Knowing that life is not comprised solely of serious moments—or traditional families, both light and serious moments are intermingled to create a balanced look to raising children along with giving some suggestions for single parents. The Arps successfully discuss problems and solutions because they keep away from the long “don’t do that, do this” lists. Instead, they share not only their own experiences and ideas, but also those from other families who have found workable solutions for living a better family life. And the Arps recognize that each family is unique and may want to use the “how-to” suggestions given or try their own ideas.

Although Family Moments is Christian-based, with Day One’s emphasis on praying for one’s children, the rest of the book focuses on many other parenting skills—the major skill being how to raise the kids while still having a life of one’s own. This book can serve either as a guide for new parents or as a refresher course for parents who have fallen into a stale routine or who would just like to improve family life in general.

Reviewed by Nelly Heitman

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