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Engaging Thoughts

Inspirational Expressions to Motivate Your Day

Clarion Rating: 3 out of 5

In Engaging Thoughts, Dr. Hubert Glover cobbles brief passages of Holy Scripture together with his free-verse musings to bring readers closer to the promises of God. His expressions are inspired by church services or his daily journeys through storms and sunny days.

His thirty-two such combinations are divided into three sections: Reflection & Instruction, Praise & Admiration, and Encouragement.

Glover uses Scripture passages as a steppingstone to his reflections, which are part poem with rhymes, an occasional rhythm that evokes a rap beat, and prose thoughts in a poetry format. They are often characterized by a distracting lack of punctuation, causing the reader to pause and mentally add question marks, periods, or commas to capture meaning.

Glover’s work is personal, speaking to God’s mercy during his own backsliding days: “Your love, grace and mercy / Has always sustained me / Even when I was deep into secular behavior,” tied in with “But by the grace of God, I am what I am…” from I Corinthians 15:10.

He also writes of doors of opportunity, noting that the important one leads to Heaven. He asks, “So are you living a life that will become a key / To open the door to Heaven and eternity.”

Many of Glover’s expressions seem to be targeted at a generation wired to the Internet and contemporary music. In “Who Am I,” he writes of God being more than the alpha and the omega, and more than the source of the Immaculate Conception. God is “the founder of the MTV Generation.” He later adds that God inspired the Holy Bible and is the intelligence behind Google. He writes that God’s Web site is never down.

The Glover expression that best drives his message to this target group is one titled “Download,” which directs readers to sign on, log on, and download God’s love, before ultimately visiting

A prayer titled “Everyday” specifies how Glover needs God in all aspects of daily life: “Lord I need you like the daily multiple vitamins…,” which brings his yearning down to the everyday basics. The images should resonate with seekers who need inspiration to which they can relate. The imagery of the God of MTV, the God whose love is a mouse click away, and the God as necessary as daily vitamins, brings that message home.

Although not terribly profound, nor following a traditional writing form, Glover’s expressions emanate from the heart, sharing how God transformed him in a way that may encourage others to also seek a spiritual connection with Christianity.

Reviewed by Linda Salisbury

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