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Discover Your Nutritional Style

Your Seasonal Plan to a Happy, Healthy, and Delicious Life

This guide to finding one’s personal nutritional style can help improve overall health and quality of life.

In Discover Your Nutritional Style: Your Seasonal Plan for a Happy, Healthy, and Delicious Life, health and nutrition coach Holli Thompson promotes a clean diet, mostly organic, free of GMOs, pesticides, processed foods, and artificial sweeteners. She illustrates how reducing soy, caffeine, and sugars and developing a customized diet based on one’s personal nutritional style can lead to a better quality of life, particularly for those struggling with health issues caused by chronic inflammation and stress.

A former vice president at Chanel who, due to a series of her own health issues, later became a certified natural-health practitioner, Thompson’s goal is to share the information that helped improve her quality of life so others can maximize their health, too. Fast-paced and conversational, the combination of information based on her personal experience and her professional work as a nutritional coach creates a friendly, encouraging tone that is informative and straightforward.

Drawing on her previous work in the fashion industry, Thompson compares nutritional style to fashion style: it is specific to each person. A short quiz based on food preferences, lifestyle, and habits points to one of three nutritional styles: Healthy Omnivore, Flexible Vegetarian, or Modern Vegan. The labels emphasize the adaptability, rather than rigidity, of the advice.

Thompson encourages being more conscious of how one’s body reacts to food and lifestyle choices. Adjustments are proposed based on individual needs to create a customized diet plan. Vignettes recount experiences of clients she’s coached, providing real-world examples that further define each style and convincingly illustrate how they can be adapted into different schedules.

Acknowledging an overload of trendy diet information in the media, unlike most books on nutrition that advocate for a specific diet plan, this guide stresses that both vegetarians and omnivores can be healthy. It is not focused on following “rules.” Instead, the focus is on seasonal eating, and how the proposed changes—for example, taking advantage of the opportunity to take walks and get fresh air in the spring after a long winter, and increasing vitamin-D intake by getting more sun exposure in the summer—can be easily adapted into everyday routines.

This how-to guide persuasively explains the benefits of identifying one’s nutritional style in order to make the necessary changes, both small and significant, that can lead to a happier, healthier life.

Reviewed by Maria Siano

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