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Detox Your World

Quick and Lasting Results for a Beautiful Mind, Body, and Spirit

Okay, so the book’s cover may look like a scene out of a Pink Panther movie from the ‘70s—a curvy blonde offering us a cocktail (which happens to be green)—but there’s nothing funny about the content of Detox Your World. In an engaging self-help tone, British raw food celebrity Shazzie provides a lengthy discussion about the toxins plaguing our current environment, inside and out, and how they’re making us (sometimes seriously) ill. Common household culprits include fluoride, ammonia, benzene, and acetone. Most important, she provides sound advice about avoiding and/or eradicating many of these dangers, through significantly altering our eating habits, but also through making choices like wearing organic cotton clothing and filling our homes with carbon-filtering plants.

Her biggest selling points: the clear skin, weight loss, ideal muscle tone, radically improved energy, and reduced stress that result from the effort of eliminating toxins from our bodies and surroundings. It’s hard not to pay attention.

Throughout this extremely practical manual, Shazzie shares valuable personal experiences—she’s been vegan since the mid-eighties, has eaten exclusively raw food since 2000, and sleeps on a magnetic bed. She discusses how cooking food changes it into substances our bodies cannot process or eliminate; the undeniable value in buying organic food—a pay-it-forward system that ensures access will only get less expensive as more people contribute; and how, once we taste unadulterated food the way nature intended, we appreciate its natural flavors and stop craving meals that make us feel bad. She acknowledges that a few of her methods for maintaining optimal health may be too hardcore for some: i.e., using her own urine to (successfully) eliminate a rash on her daughter’s back. But others, like enemas and a regular yoga practice, are more mainstream.

Chapter headings progress according to the logic of Shazzie’s story: Your Toxic World, Detox Helpers, Detox Food Superstars, Success Stories, and, finally, The Recipes—nearly eighty pages of recipes (including Mousse de Naranja and Yellow Pepper and Almond Soup), plus menus.

While not unique, Shazzie’s message is comprehensive and convincing. And, if at times her logic doesn’t dig very deep: “Do you see animals cooking their food?” it doesn’t necessarily have to: her results, and the testimonials of her followers, speak for themselves. Not a believer in diets, which she considers temporary fixes, the author comes across as someone who, through a lot of research and effort, has found her own way to fine health and wants to be a catalyst for our journey, as well. Her other four books include the tantalizingly titled Naked Chocolate. Shazzie’s television program, “Raw Kitchen,” may be viewed online at the

As a longtime vegan/vegetarian and a recent arrival to the green juice revolution myself, Shazzie’s book is a most welcome addition to my kitchen shelves.

Reviewed by Julie Eakin

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