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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak & The Lost Treasure

Clarion Rating: 1 out of 5

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak & The Lost Treasure is a marketing manual for an unproven COVID-19 treatment.

Faris Alhajri’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak & The Lost Treasure proposes a treatment for the virus, though it is one that is unsubstantiated and unsupported by medical doctors.

Claiming that the novel coronavirus can be cured with hot water, called haqua, “divine fluid [which] holds vast secrets as the source of the creation,” this work acts as a testimonial for a patented Haqua Revitalize® Therapy/Hot Water Therapy/Hydrothermal Therapy/Aqua Calidum Therapy (HART/HOWT/HTT/ACT) treatment. This dietary supplement—marketed as naturally destroying pathogenic bacteria, toxins, and the poisonous products of organisms such as COVID-19—is credited with causing weight loss as well, melting fat in the body by enhancing enzymes through a process that’s left mysterious. Water temperatures are said to be adjusted based on the user’s age and health condition.

Overlooking the fact that even those who are not immunocompromised are susceptible to contracting, spreading, and dying from COVID-19, much of the book is based on information about the disease from February 2020, at the beginning of the global pandemic (when death rates were still low and most affected older or disabled people) that has already been superseded by new knowledge. The World Health Organization released new guidance for clinical management months later and continues to revise that guidance, though this text does not reflect that current, useful information. Its chapters end with scientific citations and include charts, graphs, diagrams, and references to support its major claims, but the text still leans on early research that amounted to conjecture, undermining its credibility.

The book’s main argument, that hot water can cure COVID-19, is based on a 2017 Algerian animal biology study about the effect of hot water on inflammation induced by hypercholesterolemia in rats. Its suggestions—to gulp hot water, shower, use warm compresses, and inhale steam—are cavalier. Although it forwards the osteopathic theory that every person’s body is capable of self-regulation and healing, the theory falls short in its application, and other treatments are not taken into consideration, nor are the neurological and mental manifestations of coronavirus, rehabilitation, palliative care, or other aspects of care. Its irresponsible suggestions of non-medical “cures” overlook the characteristics of COVID-19, as well as basic epidemiology.

A disclaimer at the beginning of the book says that if the user has any actual medical or psychological condition, they should seek real assistance from an accredited doctor. Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak & The Lost Treasure is a marketing manual for an unproven COVID-19 treatment that stands to put vulnerable people at additional risk during a global pandemic.

Reviewed by Claire Foster

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