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Class III Threat

Larry Enmon’s Class III Threat is an action-first thriller set in the dangerous world of the US Secret Service.

Michael Roberts is a good agent—one of the best out of the Dallas office. However, despite all of his good qualities, Roberts is passed over again for a promotion. While he’s stewing in rage and resentment, the agency tells him to visit Susan Porter and her six-year-old daughter, Abigail. This is a Protective Intelligence interview, as Abigail says she had a vision about the American president being targeted by a deranged individual. The assignment irks already irritable Roberts, but what Abigail reveals is true: there is a Class III threat out in the world who has the capability, the means, and the determination to murder the Commander-in-Chief.

Roberts is an excellent lead—an everyman with extraordinary characteristics, the chief of which is his experience as a Secret Service agent. Abigail’s gift adds a supernatural element to the book that is counterbalanced by the initial rationalism of Roberts and his teammates. The would-be assassin is inspired by a personal vendetta that burns hot; their rage is showcased in detailed passages, and plays off of Roberts’s anger over his faltering career. The result is symmetry between the hunter and his prey, with the unexpected wrinkle of Abigail as a clairvoyant.

There are shootouts, violence, and tension galore in the story, all of which rise until the assassination plot reaches its logical conclusion. Roberts proves to be a survivor, and Susan proves to be a lot more than an attraction.

Class III Threat is a political thriller with a sense of order; it follows an earnest, overlooked agent who’s assigned to cover a girl with supernatural gifts and stop a secret killer.

Reviewed by Benjamin Welton

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