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October 2009

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published October 2009.

Book Review

Christmas Tree

by Beth VanHouten

The holiday images in this picture book evoke classic Christmas memories. A young girl of eight is responsible for decorating her home for Christmas in this picture book, "Christmas Tree", consisting of the impressions of author... Read More

Book Review

The Blood of Tyrants

by Mark McLaughlin

A marvelous, teleplay-worthy tale of greed and political corruption … for the first twenty of twenty-one chapters. Up until almost the very end, "The Blood of Tyrants" is a compelling thriller about greed-driven political assassins... Read More

Book Review

Steps, Faith to Reason

by Mark McLaughlin

“Fear was the first mother of the gods. Fear, above all, of death.” So wrote the Roman poet Lucretius, one of the eleven famous men showcased by William C. White in this marvelous and very readable history of the intellectual growth... Read More

Book Review

Christmas at the White House

by Andi Diehn

The White House: it is both the most recognized home in the United States and, in some ways, the most mysterious. At the forefront of American history for so many years, the mansion is infused with generations of holiday traditions, but... Read More

Book Review

A World Gone Crazy

by Jill Allen

Richard J. Lukenda’s debut thriller, "A World Gone Crazy", introduces readers to Zeke Ocean, a forty-eight-year-old New Jerseyite who feels his glory days have passed. Once a top-secret special-ops soldier for the US, he has retired... Read More

Book Review


by Dindy Yokel

In the tradition of Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist, James Redfield’s The Celestine Prophesy, and Carlos Castenada’s The Teachings of Don Juan comes Strays, by Jeanne Webster. This tale of a woman searching and finding her raison... Read More

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