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August 2005

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published August 2005.

Book Review

The Doorstep of Depravity

Aptly named Noah Bond’s second novel "The Doorstep of Depravity" is the treacherous tale of a young doctoral student who inherits millions from her late Uncle Rupert a man she barely knew. Although this premise seems simple enough the... Read More

Book Review

Harry, Tom, and Father Rice

by Karl Helicher

Cold War Casualties: Congressman Harry Davenport, the author’s uncle, was a one-term Representative from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania whose political career and reputation were ruined during the “Red Scare” 1950s. This compelling tale... Read More

Book Review

So This Is Love

by Maryann Miller

Sometimes it does a heart good to take a break from reading the newest celebrity book, or tomes intended to raise social consciousness, or even the latest thriller or romance by a favorite author. This delightful little eBook offers that... Read More

Book Review

My Name is Gabriela

by Naomi Millán

With illustrations as textured and brilliant as a child’s dream, this book introduces young readers to the first Latin American woman to win the Nobel Prize for Literature. Gabriela Mistral, born Lucila Godoy Alcayaga, was a poet and... Read More

Book Review

Zen Tails

When one person’s anger is aimed at another, must the proffered “gift” be accepted? If it is refused, who owns it? Whitfield asks these profound questions in the context of a simple, entertaining story of a disgruntled grizzly and... Read More

Book Review

Time for the Fair

by Troy-Michelle Reinhardt

Every child, at one time or another, has struggled with that famous virtue: patience. The passage of time is a difficult concept for young children to grasp. The author has done a clever job using seasonal changes to clarify this concept... Read More

Book Review

Anna's Blizzard

by Deborah Jesseman

Anna Vail, the heroine of this story of hardship, courage, and growing up on the Nebraska frontier, is eleven years old in the winter of 1888. She lives in a two-room sod house on a poor prairie farm with her mother, father, and little... Read More

Book Review

Sundown Towns

If slavery is white America’s greatest crime committed against Black America, then “sundown towns” might be its best-kept dirty secret. Sundown towns are racist communities that prevented African Americans—by illegal regulations,... Read More

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