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June 2005

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published June 2005.

Book Review

I, Livia

by Kandy Alameda

History has not been kind to Livia Drusilla, wife of Caesar Augustus, and author Mary Mudd wants to set the record straight in her well-researched book, I, Livia: The Story of a Much Maligned Woman. “Livia Drusilla has fascinated me... Read More

Book Review

Stan's Leap

A unique vacation, one last hurrah before settling into parenthood, leaves Jenny and Stan Brown marooned for life on a tropical island. Thus begins Stan’s Leap, Tom Duerig’s first novel. After a rather superficial start—think... Read More

Book Review

The Apartment Building Next Door

…gaze long into an abyss the abyss gazes also into thee. — Friedrich Nietzsche Beyond Good and Evil (1886) In the older declining Midwestern community of Littlefall an apartment building performs the same end function as a hospice... Read More

Book Review


Dinah Wherever’s parents died in a tragic automobile accident. More tragic yet is that she’s now in the care of her aunt, Jane Addison, and living at St. Lyman’s School for Boys, which was “renovated into a home” once Jane took... Read More

Book Review

The End of Gender

by Elizabeth Breau

This erudite review of multiple enactments of gender in the wake of “pomo,” or postmodern, theory is an impressive tour de force. Dedicated to “sexual nonconformists and those who love them,” it argues that the “mutually... Read More

Book Review

Testifying Under Oath

“Tell the truth. A liar needs a good memory,” wrote Roman theoretician Quintilian. Living in the most litigious nation in the world, millions of Americans each year find themselves involved with the judicial system. Nearly anyone can... Read More

Book Review

Alexander the Corrector

The author (who also wrote The Spy Who Never Was and Passport and Parasol) tells the truly amazing story of Alexander Cruden (1699—1770), whose life teetered between fame and fortune and persecution and incarceration. Cruden, born to... Read More

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