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June 2004

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published June 2004.

Book Review

Rise Up

by Kaavonia Hinton

Many were surprised during the 2004 presidential election when former senator and ambassador, Carol Mosely Braun, announced her bid for the Democratic presidential nomination. More than ever before, African American women are pursuing... Read More

Book Review


by Anna Stewart

Veterans are part of every generation. Senior citizens remember WWII, middle-aged people fought in Vietnam, and younger men and women are recovering from the Gulf War and the current occupation of Iraq. Children are touched by war when... Read More

Book Review

God, Genes, and Consciousness

“Humankind has communicated with gods, angels, departed humans, ethereal beings, light bodies, and the collective consciousness throughout recorded history,” contends the author early in this book. These metaphysical transmissions... Read More

Book Review

The Tarnished Eye AUDIO978

by Pam Kingsbury

This novel, like the author’s most famous book, Ordinary People, examines the sadness and loss that lurk just beneath the surface of family life. Sheriff Hugh DeWitt and his wife lost their infant son to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.... Read More

Book Review

Before and After the Fall

“We are nobodies, / nobodies, just the lost guests of the moon.” In this volume, Hungary’s most prestigious poet leads readers into a post-war world where history, politics, and the struggle with individual conscience create a... Read More

Book Review

Butterfly Valley

by Camille-Yvette Welsch

To call the author a formalist is to radically underemphasize just what an iconoclast she is. Her collection splits into four long sectioned poems, each with its own ordering principle, from the more traditional crown of sonnets of... Read More

Book Review


by Jennifer Hoffman

Everyone knows someone like the author—she represents the hippy earth—mother who never outgrew her ideals, the one who managed to retain a childlike innocence through the trials and tribulations of a lifetime. Neither divorce nor... Read More

Book Review

Setting Sail

by George Cohen

There is no record of where or when the first boat was built, according to the author. That question is somewhat irrelevant anyway, he points out, since different people in different places gradually developed watercraft, using trees,... Read More

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