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God, Genes, and Consciousness

Nonhuman Intervention Throughout the Ages

“Humankind has communicated with gods, angels, departed humans, ethereal beings, light bodies, and the collective consciousness throughout recorded history,” contends the author early in this book. These metaphysical transmissions have inspired new religions, prompted advances in science and technology, awakened artistic creativity, and provided solutions to human problems, both complex and mundane. People’s reactions to these disembodied voices, and their interpretations of the imparted information, have provided humanity with much impetus, for good and bad, throughout history.

Von Ward calls these ethereal entities Advanced Beings, or ABs, and includes in their ranks angels, devils, spirit guides, ETs, ascended beings, and spirit voices that speak through human channels. The term “advanced” does not necessarily mean they are beyond humans in every respect, but simply that they presently have powers or technologies that are more highly developed.

Using all of recorded history as a backdrop, Von Ward notes that ABs may have made contributions to unexplained ancient wonders in subjects like astronomy, agriculture, architecture, and medicine. Following the golden age of civilization that was destroyed 11,500 years ago in the Great Flood, the survivors may have received assistance from ABs in reviving the major centers of human society. The author considers the role of ABs in the development of written and spoken language and explores the possibility of ABs having shared their DNA with humans centuries ago.

The religious aspect of regarding Advanced Beings is a constant in every culture, from Shamans entering a trance state to communicate with the spirit world to fundamental Christians awaiting the rapture for heavenly hosts to take them to their celestial reward. There has always been a flip side to ABs’ involvement in human affairs. The chilling prospect that they are cultivating people for slave labor, experimental guinea pigs, or even as some form of nourishment has always been a fear.

Von Ward, who has a background in clinical psychology, has been a naval officer, a minister, the head of a non-profit, and a writer and lecturer. He calls upon every diverse area of expertise to establish a vastly intriguing version of the human saga. His use of comprehensive endnotes and an extensive bibliography give some scholarly weight to his conclusions. Whether or not one believes that Advanced Beings even exist, let alone play a vital part in human evolution, Gods, Genes, and Consciousness will prove to be a thought-provoking and very readable interpretation of human events.

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