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November 2002

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published November 2002.

Book Review

Escape of the Unicorn

A combat medic in the Pacific during World War II, James Sunwall survived the same war that spawned the careers of writers like Norman Mailer, Kurt Vonnegut and Joseph Heller—celebrated authors who explored many mediums, including the... Read More

Book Review

Tuxedo Bob

“Any situation in life is better when experienced in formal attire.” This is the first of many statements that Tuxedo Bob has garnered from his father and taken quite literally to heart. Born to a mortician mother and the proprietor... Read More

Book Review

Bird Song Ear Training Guide

by David Zimmerman

More than forty years have passed since environmentalist Rachel Carson warned the world of the threat DDT posed to the bird world in her groundbreaking work Silent Spring. Her warnings were heard, but who is listening now to the calls of... Read More

Book Review

The Old Woman and the Eagle

by Anna Stewart

The sight of an eagle inspires people all over the world. Eagles represent power, grace, and courage. So when an eagle flies into the life of an old woman, readers expect her to be impressed. They don’t expect her to try to change him.... Read More

Book Review

Buddha In Your Backpack

by Kyle Norris

The author steers dramatically clear of converting his teen readers to Buddhism, which is one aspect that makes this book enjoyable. He equates teens’ struggles with those of spiritual seekers, “all of which require awareness,... Read More

Book Review

The Christmas Dream

by Pam Kingsbury

According to a recent study of 494 elementary aged children at Brown University, thirty-seven percent of them have problems sleeping. The children felt they were being pushed hard by their parents’ schedules, teachers’ expectations,... Read More

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