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September 15, 2002

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published September 15, 2002. You can also view all of the books we've reviewed that were published anytime in September 2002.

Book Review

The Screening Party

by John R. Selig

A collection of six friends gathers monthly to watch a movie that most haven’t seen before. They turn on a mini-cassette recorder that tapes the outrageous critiques that they make as the movie progresses. Observations about Pretty... Read More

Book Review

Politics on Trial

by Karl Helicher

During his colorful and controversial career as a defender of radical causes, the author viewed the law as a “method of control created by a socioeconomic system determined … to perpetuate itself.” Martin Luther King, Malcolm X,... Read More

Book Review

Laura's Star

by Jodee Taylor

A bright star falls from the sky becomes a lifelong friend for a lonely little girl. What could be more comforting right before bed? This charming book features a shining holographic foil star on its pages that can be touched. There are... Read More

Book Review

Speaks the Nightbird

by Carol Lynn Stewart

In Colonial South Carolina, the settlement of Fount Royal awaits the arrival of a magistrate from Charles Town who will decide the fate of an accused witch, Rachel Howarth. The year is 1699, and settlements on the edge of the wilderness... Read More

Book Review

Cloud Cuckoo Land

by Karen Holt

Moments after she discovers her grandmother dead in the house they share, four- teen-year-old Miri Ortiz begs an adult male friend to take her in. She pitches him on marriage. When he declines, she makes another proposal: “ÔThen... Read More

Book Review

One Writer's Imagination

by Erik Bledsoe

When Eudora Welty died last year, American letters lost one of its greatest treasures. Welty has long attracted the attention of critics and scholars, but Marrs has authored the first full-length study to appear after her death,... Read More

Book Review

Passport to Danger

by Karl Kunkel

The author has spent his life doing what most people only read about: living life to the fullest as an adventurer, prospector, hunter, private detective, and federal agent. He is not the only one to have done these things, but he is,... Read More

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