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July 2002

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published July 2002.

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Book Review

Without Covers

by Rob Mitchell

Traditionally, literary magazines act as a proving ground, identifying and publishing emerging writers. Unfortunately, most literary magazines are marginal operations, chronically under-funded and faced with daunting problems of... Read More

Book Review

Travels with Tarra

“What has 16 wheels and a trunk? Tarra—the world’s only roller skating elephant,” read the headlines of the Los Angeles Times in the spring of 1981. Tarra displayed her skating skills in shows around the world, in Korea at an... Read More

Book Review

Three Poets of Modern Korea

Most Americans’ images of Korea extend little further than Hyundais and demilitarized zones and vague stories about eating dogs. This book, which offers fairly generous samplings of three very different Korean poets, may help begin to... Read More

Book Review


by Marlene Satter

While the very idea may seem alien to science fiction fans, there was a time when most people never even considered the possibility of life on other planets, much less what forms such life might take and how such beings might behave. In... Read More

Book Review


by Karen Holt

The trick for any book is to get readers so engrossed that they stop noticing the form. Anyone immersed in a truly fine read probably isn’t thinking, “this story is told in flashback” or “interesting use of the unreliable... Read More

Book Review

Guns Save Lives

by Edward Morris

Wait just a minute! If someone who is being attacked pulls a gun and kills the attacker, is this evidence that guns save lives or that guns take lives? Or is it a statistical toss-up? The author tells some truly gripping stories of armed... Read More

Book Review

Transition Magician 2

by Karen McCarthy

Transitions are difficult for small children. Whether it’s getting Johnny to put down his crayon because it’s time for lunch or coordinating a group to put away the toys, helping little ones to adjust from one activity to another is... Read More

Book Review

Play Lady

by Linda Salisbury

Every neighborhood, every child, needs a “Play Lady”—someone who encourages children to play in mud, create castles and makes a place for every treasure the children find. The children feel safe, secure and able to express their... Read More