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August 2001

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published August 2001.

Book Review

Lost in a Blizzard

A swirling white enemy trapped the children on the cold little bus. But snow kept invading it. There was no escape. The chilling, true story of school children trapped in a terrible snowstorm begins on March 26, 1931. Parents and a bus... Read More

Book Review

Leo the Lightning Bug

by Dianne Weber

Leo, the littlest lightning bug, has a problem. “He started off with a little squeeze? no light. / Then a push? no light. / Then a big oomph!? still no light!” Leo’s mother tells him to be patient. He just needs time and practice.... Read More

Book Review

Gilligan Unbound

“Gilligan’s Island must be the most successful bad show in the history of television,” asserts the author in this collection of interrelated essays exploring the relevance of pop icons in “the age of globalization.” Providing... Read More

Book Review

When the Moon Knows You're Wandering

The imagery of these poems revels in color (“this month/ will always have a man in red pants / and a new blue shirt“), in emotional intensity (“his head hung so low / shoulder blades become wings / threatening to burst through his... Read More

Book Review

Choreography and the Specific Image

by Dorothy Eisenstein

Discovering the inner forces of dance-making has never been an easy task for choreographers. Few artists have probed this area as deeply as the author, a legendary modern dance artist and gifted teacher and writer. Now professor emeritus... Read More

Book Review

Tender Moments In the Wild

Animals love their babies—just like humans do. The editor, whose I Want to Be career series was on VOYA’s (Voice of Youth Advocates) Nonfiction Honor list and two titles of which were named Outstanding Science Trade Books, has... Read More

Book Review

Purple Love

by Diane Pozar

One day, ten-year-old Sarah and her mother are walking through a meadow on their way to the playground when they discover a nest of bunnies. Sarah’s mother tells the child not to touch them, as the mother rabbit may not return if she... Read More

Book Review

I'm Speaking

“To be alive is to pause with one foot lifted, / losing a step to gain a second.” The poems in this compact volume witness the poignant indecision and ambivalence that characterize the modern sensibility. The poet is from Andalusia,... Read More

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