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October 2000

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published October 2000.

Book Review

Light, Coming Back

by Elizabeth Millard

Those who are romantically inclined tend to declare that, in love, age makes no difference. Although a graying businessman’s possession of a “trophy wife” may draw criticism, the lovestruck often say that with true devotion the... Read More

Book Review

Funny Money

What do a reluctant prostitute, a pregnant police officer, two homicidal street toughs and an ailing crime boss have in common? That’s what the reader will find out in the new Willows and Parker Mystery, "Funny Money", a well-crafted... Read More

Book Review

Forbidden Fruit

by Vyvyan Lynn

Eve receives top billing in Seto’s tempting audio play. Dancing along on a musical score by Clay Zambo are the voices of Biblical characters: God, the Devil, Eve, and Adam. Playwright Seto portrays the narrator and shares the role of... Read More

Book Review

The Medicine Line

by Ronald D. Lankford, Jr.

“The word medicine among Northern Plains tribes applied to objects supposed to have magical influence or mysterious power,” writes LaDow. The medicine line is a 100-mile stretch of land in the Northwest, running along the... Read More

Book Review

The Poetry of Arab Women

by Sandy McKinney

Handal assembles a catalog of the anomie of displacement that links the eighty-three poets selected for this collection. Her lengthy introduction, both factually impressive and emotionally heartwarming, awakens an excited interest for... Read More

Book Review

The New Marriage

by Jack L. Ralston

Where does a person turn for help when their marriage becomes derailed? The authors/psychologists of this book provide an introduction in layman’s terms to moving along the passage from the Mountain of Innocence (the newlywed couple)... Read More

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