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June 2000

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published June 2000.

Book Review

Buried in the Townhouse

by Maryann Miller

Christina Braganti is well acquainted with the adage, “Never mix families and business,” but she never dreams how bad it can get. With her brother, Jake, she buys a townhouse in Manhattan that once housed a psychiatric hospital and... Read More

Book Review

The Intruder Bulletins

by Gene-Michael Higney

Imagine a book of essays that covers, among many other subjects, the ever increasing underground traffic in stolen transplant organs; or “identity cards” ostensibly used for identifying legal residents of the United States, but which... Read More

Book Review

Take Turns, Penguin!

by Martha Topol

Each of these two squat schoolbooks presents a typical kindergarten problem. On Penguin’s first day of school, he won’t let anyone else have a turn on the slide. “‘It’s not fair!’ said Warthog. ‘You’ve had eighty-six... Read More

Book Review

Very Much Like Desire

by Leeta Taylor

Short story collections are tricky beasts, mixing many lives in a unifying style, be the tone wry, solemn, anxious, or deadpan. In this, her second collection after The Circles I Move In, Lefer might be narrating a museum’s audiotape,... Read More

Book Review

One Stick Song

by Gabrielle Shaw

This book is funny, right on the money, yet terribly sad: welcome to the tradition of tragicomedy. Welcome to Indian Country. Here the Greek art form reaches it’s zenith, perfected American style, where the ridiculous, tragic,... Read More

Book Review

Memoirs of a Papillon

by Ronald D. Lankford, Jr.

Humans usually narrate memoirs, and furthermore, humans usually author them. Memoirs of a Papillon deviates from this norm: Genevieve, a pure bred Papillon, narrates her puppyhood, her life with Katrina and Denny, and the advantages and... Read More

Book Review

A Knight of Magic

by Maryann Miller

With a mouth foul enough to match her appearance, Billimba the Witch shatters Allen Jenson’s hope of a quiet retreat at his mountain cabin. She crashes on his roof and decides to stay because Allen is the first mortal who has dared to... Read More

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