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May 2000

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published May 2000.

Book Review

El Hombre que Hizo el Pueblo Bailar

“Jose had a dream. In his dream, he saw brightly colored costumes swirling around, and he heard laughing and tapping shoes. Everyone was dancing.” Jose danced anywhere and everywhere he could, at schools, senior centers, and... Read More

Book Review

Power Connections

by Vyvyan Lynn

“By learning to connect with the warmth and intelligence in men, you can build strong connections that will bring great fulfillment in your life,” Sage advises women. The business coach and her partner, Becker, feed political... Read More

Book Review


by Amorak Huey

“This upper part of Everest must be indeed the remotest and least hospitable spot on earth, but at no time more emphatically and impressive so than when a darkened atmosphere hides its features and a gale races over its face.” These... Read More

Book Review

Year of the Smoke Girl

by Rebecca Rego

As she lay dying, Khatia Quigley’s mother gives Khatia a new name—the Chinese middle name of Wu Shan. This sets Khatia on a journey to define who and what she is, most evidently in terms of sexuality and race. The common “struggle... Read More

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