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September 15, 1999

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published September 15, 1999. You can also view all of the books we've reviewed that were published anytime in September 1999.

Book Review

Hollow of My Heart

“I walked over to where my father sat at the kitchen table and knelt beside him on the floor. I could see that he was terribly upset, but there was nothing I could do to ease his discomfort. The role I had chosen for myself as advocate... Read More

Book Review


by Nava Hall

During the first year of every new century, the ritual of the Mallard Hunt takes place in Oxford as a sort of homage to a duck found in an ancient drain in the fifteenth century. The point being, that what stands out most about Oxford is... Read More

Book Review

Grape Leaves

by Marjory Raymer

Grape leaves are a staple of the Arab diet, so too are words. The connection is rightfully made in this collection of Arab-American poetry that is powerful through both the beauty of its art and its thoroughness. It includes the works of... Read More

Book Review

Crossing Shattuck Bridge

by Marjory Raymer

In actual fact she had never met the man meant only for her. If he came along, she didn’t see him because Hawley Rains had flashed across her life like Halley’s Comet and left the sky dark for fifty-one years. ‘Now that,’ she... Read More

Book Review

Rejuvenating A Garden

by Dean Conners

“Never believe all that nonsense you hear about old gardens being romantic and timeless. Time is what has made them, and time is what is running out on them. Life in an untended garden is not so much a gradual slippery slope to... Read More

Book Review


by Cari Noga

Willis, in his introduction, saysthe mountaineering meaning of “epic” is a climb gone wrong; just the opposite of its traditional definition. He, however, has done much right in compiling this collection of seven expeditions. Two are... Read More

Book Review

Wild Britain

by Jodee Taylor

While most people tend to think of Britain as urban and developed, the author, a well-traveled British native, said the toughest part about writing a guidebook featuring nature was deciding what to leave out. In covering England,... Read More

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