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April 15, 1999

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published April 15, 1999. You can also view all of the books we've reviewed that were published anytime in April 1999.

Book Review

The Case of Down Alive

by Jill R. Hughes

“What you are about to hear might traumatize or shock….” Brick Mallery’s "The Case of Down Alive" might also leave you laughing out loud. This offbeat spoof of the 1940s radio genre opens with private investigator Mallery... Read More

Book Review

The Geography Of Home

by Aimé Merizon

Is California just a state of mind? The seventy-six poets collected here prove that it is far more. California’s diverse geography encompasses the spirit and physical, as well. A thoughtful introductory essay precedes each poet’s... Read More

Book Review

Jump Start Your Book Sales

by Tom Williams

There is nothing more discouraging for the self-publisher or small publisher than to have a basement full of books and a mailbox empty of orders. Jump Start Your Book Sales, the latest how-to book from self publishing consultants Marilyn... Read More

Book Review

Classic Celtic Fairy Tales

by Nelly Heitman

Renowned author and lecturer on the Celtic and Arthurian tradition, Matthews has searched the almost forgotten archives of Scotland, Wales and Ireland for the very best fairy tales in the Celtic tradition. The result is this companion... Read More

Book Review

Sleep Talking

Whether thought of as “nature’s sweet nurse” or as a barometer of one’s well-being, sleep proves to be a fascinating subject in this book by Harrison, a psychology lecturer at Liverpool John Moores University in the United... Read More

Book Review

Mandalay's Child

by Rebecca Maksel

The first of a trilogy, Mandalay’s Child follows the Lal family through the turbulent events of 1941-1947. In 1941, Devi Lal, the patriarch of the family, is a successful physician in Burma. As the eldest son in a Brahmin family in the... Read More

Book Review

Prayers of an Accidental Nature

by H. Shaw Cauchy

The people in these stories are not happy in their skins: they are too old, or too rich, or too beautiful or too working class… On the other hand, no one really does anything so it is difficult to feel particularly sympathetic. And the... Read More

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