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April 1998

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published April 1998.

Book Review

Kitoto the Mighty

by Lisa Salisbury

Kitoto is a little mouse who feels his life is in constant danger with the sharp-eyed hawk swooping above looking for his next meal. Kitoto has an idea to find and befriend the most powerful being so he will never have to be afraid... Read More

Book Review

Songs of Myself

by Karen Wyckoff

Culled from the collegiate fruits of a required freshman writing course, this collection of 38 student memoirs illustrates challenges, tragedies and revelations of those who stand at the threshold of adulthood and contemplate their... Read More

Book Review

Baby Driver

“That’s not writing, it’s typing,” Truman Capote said after reading Jack Kerouac’s On The Road. Can Jack’s daughter Jan, who only saw him twice in her life, “type” any better? Thunder’s Mouth Press is reissuing Baby... Read More

Book Review

The Right Touch

It’s a sad fact that young children need to be educated about the many evils lurking in their lives, including sexual abuse. This book addresses the subject in a straightforward, candid manner. Jimmy’s mother tells him a story about... Read More

Book Review

Life in the Balance

For those of us who still don’t “get” the vital connection between preservation of biodiversity and the continued well-being of human beings on the planet, LIFE IN THE BALANCE: Humanity and the Biodiversity Crisis by Niles Eldredge... Read More

Book Review

The Culture of Counter-Culture

by Nick Bozanic

Knowledgeable, earnest, and always engaging, Alan Watts was one of the most popular and effective purveyors of that specifically American decoction of Eastern religious philosophies which permeated the counter-cultural activities of the... Read More

Book Review

The New American Garden

by H. Shaw Cauchy

Look around at the suburban garden of today and what you will notice is an overt lack of the “human touch.” The typical American yard isn’t a garden at all; it’s a thoughtless collection of shrubs, a few tulips, and a chem-lawn.... Read More

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